UK Passengers predict “The Planes of the Future”

A flight comparison site in the UK has revealed what Britons predict flying in the future might be like in less than ten years’ time. Those taking part were asked “What new features do you believe passenger planes will have on board by 2020?”

The study, conducted by flight comparison site aimed to look into what products or services UK fliers thought would be introduced to commercial flights and which new services would exist that aren’t available now. The survey polled 1,921 Britons aged 18 and over who had flown abroad in the past 5 years.

The top 10 predictions were:

1)Fast-food outlets (on-board) – 46%

2) Secure smoking areas- 44%

3) Shops/ retail outlets – 41%

4) Shower Rooms/ Cubicles- 36%

5) Tablet Computers for Every Passenger- 35%

6) Gym Equipment/ Work-Out Areas- 32%

7) Spa/ Treatment rooms- 29%

8) Private Rooms for Passengers- 23%

9) Office/ Work Areas- 19%

10) Standing Passenger Sections (for cheaper airfare)- 17%

While “fast food outlets on board” topped the list, mentioned by almost half of the passengers who were polled, only 17%actually believed that proposals such as Ryanair’s announcement to bring in ultra-economical “standing seats” in planes could be a reality by 2020. Most of the predictions revolved around fast food, smoking and shopping. The introduction of tablet PCs for passengers was a popular one, too.

Jerome Cohen-Scali, Co-founder of said, “It was interesting to see that the most common predictions revolved around feeding the unhealthy habits of passengers, enabling the ability to both smoke and eat fast food. It seems strange to predict that future planes will allow smoking with it having been banned on flights not too long ago, but this suggests that UK fliers may be hoping that development on future planes will allow for smoking to return safely.”

“No Smoking” was first introduced on charter flights in the UK in 1995. The Independent newspaper reported in November 1995 that “Package tour customers from today will be guaranteed cloudless skies to Torremolinos or the Canaries. From now on 90 per cent of Britain’s charter flights, which account for 10 million travellers every year, will have a smoking ban.”

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