Travel Tips: Your "travel without the hassle" checklist

More than a few of us have done it! We’ve rushed out of the door en-route to your long awaited timeshare beach break, only to realise half-way to the airport that someone forgot their passport.

If a last-minute, frantic dash to the airport is a familiar start to your holiday, it might be time to get more organised.

So, with airport security queues getting longer as airport traffic starts to peak over the summer, here are our top tips to ensure your break starts hassle-free:

Before you leave the house, check that everyone has everything they need – passports, airline tickets, visas and insurance policies – and important medications. Although chemists abroad often sell a wide variety of medications over the counter, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to get yours, so bring anything you need to take on a regular basis, with you!

If you can pack light try to just travel with hand luggage. Not only will this save you time at the luggage carousel, but it will save you money.  For a family of four going on a beach break (where you could get away with light summer dresses and flip flops most of the time), by not taking cabin luggage you could save at least £25 per bag, adding up to an impressive saving of £100 or more.
Just make sure you pop in a few essentials, like a good SPF and electrical adaptors.

If you do have to take regular medication, then carry a supply in your hand luggage or enough in your handbag to tide you over during the door-to-door journey plus an extra day’s dosage in case of delays.

Try to weigh your luggage before you travel so that you’re not stung with an eye-watering bill at check-in. There’s a reason you see a lot of travellers wearing those “safari style” jackets or gilets dotted with big pockets – if you need to offload a little weight from the hand luggage, you can wear the excess until you land!

If you’re driving to the airport check, that there are no road works and leave plenty of time if you’re travelling in peak season. And if you’re travelling from a different airport to the one you normally use, make sure you know the route.  There’s nothing worse than heading in the wrong direction after taking the wrong road at a major junction!

If you’re using public transport, check for engineering works, and buy your tickets in advance to avoid queues. If you’re travelling within London check which posts regular updates on works, strikes and delays.

Book your airport parking and currency in advance to save money and stress. The Post Office offers commission free foreign currency, so it’s worth popping in before your trip.

Before you get to security, remove your coats, jewellery, jackets and belts, as well as electronic items from their bags and covers. Remember that you can only take liquids in 100ml containers, which must be placed in one clear plastic bag. You may be asked to remove your shoes or boots as well. Laptops, iPads and other tablets must be removed from your hand luggage and placed in the plastic tray individually.

. and bring something to keep them entertained, including something sweet to suck to help alleviate any ear pain due to take off and landing changes in cabin pressure.

What’s your top or “secret” travel tip? Tweet us at @GoTimeshare.


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