Top Tips for finding the lowest fare flights to Thailand

Thailand is a firm timeshare favourite as a great value winter sun destination, but what are the secrets to nailing the lowest cost long haul flights out there?

If you’re dreaming of nights in Bangkok, the turquoise Andaman Sea, or the chillout resorts of Kohh Samui, here are some tips on booking a low fare.

1. Fly into Bankgok not Phuket

Bangkok’s international airport, Suvarnabhumi is the cheapest airport in Thailand to fly to, so you might want to compare the cost of flying to Bangkok v. Phuket before you commit to purchasing your fare.

2. Don’t fly in or out at weekends – stick to weekdays, e.g. Tuesdays

Midweek departure/arrival days tend to be the cheapest wherever you fly, whether that’s inter-city breaks in Europe or long haul services across the world.  Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are normally best, and avoid weekends and Fridays wherever possible.

 3. Look at holiday dates for Spring and Autumn

Summer is expensive in Thailand, with prices peaking in mid-July so avoid the crush and travel from late April or early May – avoid midsummer – and also look at fares in early September when prices start to drop.

  1. Finally, be aware of when the monsoon season hits.

This means heavy rainfall and rough seas, and although the season varies slightly year to year, and depends on the location in Thailand – as well as global weather conditions and shifts.

As a rough guide it can start as early as April or May on the Anderman Sea/Phuket side.  Officially, however, the monsoon season starts in June and runs through to October when temperatures start to drop off a Little.

Over on the Gulf Coast and around Samui or Phangan, the rains can begin in October (the official season is approximately November through to late May).

Thailand has really made a name for itself in recent years as one of the most popular destinations for timeshare and fractional owners.  If you’ve never been, you’ll soon see why people call it a dream holiday destination. The experience, people and landscapes will stay with you forever…

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