The Longest Flight in the World launches next February

Emirates will soon overtake Qantas as the world leader when it comes to offering passengers the world’s longest flight, and timeshare owners in Dubai keen to explore Central America might be tempted to book a seat!

The carrier has revealed it will be launching a non-stop service from its Dubai hub to Panama City, in Panama which just pips Quantas’ Dallas to Sydney route by a handful of miles, putting the Quantas flight in second place in the World’s Longest Flight rankings from early next year.

The new route will not only give Emirates its first ever destination in Central America, but it also will earn the airline the distinction of having the world’s longest passenger airline route.

The flight will launch in February next year and will take place on a Boeing 777-200LR aircraft.

Bloomberg News says “the flight will traverse 8,590 miles, according to the Great Circle Mapper website, outstripping Qantas’s Sydney-Dallas route by (about 10 miles).”

The flight time for the Dubai-to-Panama leg will be scheduled at 17 hours, 35 minutes.

In a statement, Emirates CEO Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, said: “Panama City will be our first destination gateway in Central America, providing a convenient option for our passengers travelling from or through our global hub in Dubai and onward to destinations throughout Central America, the Caribbean and the northern part of South America.

“We’re also pleased to be the only commercial airline to offer a daily, first class service to travellers on what will be the world’s longest non-stop flight.”

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