Shhh… You’re in Virgin Atlantic’s New Upper Class Dream Suite

Timeshare owners jetting off to New York on Virgin Atlantic will be assured a very sound night’s sleep when the carrier’s London-New York morning service launches this spring.
Crew are being taught how to speak softly courtesy of a professional “whispering coach” so that they don’t disturb Upper Class Dream Suite passengers who might be sleeping during night flights.

As part of their training staff are being taught how to speak to passengers at between 20 and 30 decibels, the ideal level according to speech experts due to “its calming effect and the fact that it won’t disturb other passengers whilst lights are out”.

The coaching is all part of preparations for the much anticipated launch of Virgin’s newly-designed “Upper Class Dream Suite” and rebranding of Virgin’s premium seats in their Upper Class suite. The airline has invested £100 million in a new cutting state of the art style cabin designed to “give passengers a unique flying experience”.

Virgin have been making other changes too. The airline announced its new economy dining service recently and will be refurbishing its Gatwick fleet. All of the enhancements are part of a major $2.2bn aircraft investment programme and Virgin have already begun taking delivery of their new Airbus A330 aircraft, starting last year.

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