New Dreamliner 787 makes its UK Debut this Week

The much-anticipated Boeing 787 Dreamliner is touring major UK airports this week to showcase the aircraft to industry executives and plane spotters.

Thomson Airways is the first UK customer to take delivery of the Dreamliner next year and the company says it is considering opening up new destinations, particularly South Africa and Far Eastern countries such as Vietnam thanks to the Dreamliner 787 which uses 20% less fuel and can help lessen jet-lag.

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have the new plane on order, too, for 2013.

Airplane fans can see the Dreamliner for themselves when it visits Gatwick on Wednesday 25 April and Heathrow, for the second time, on Friday 27th.

The state-of-the-art, “jet lag busting”, fuel-efficient designed plane will be used on Thomson and First Choice long-haul flights from May 2013 and passengers flying to Mexico and Florida from Manchester, Gatwick, East Midlands and Glasgow will be among the first to experience the Dreamliner difference.

The planes were designed to offer advanced in-flight comfort with features such as dynamic LED lighting, bigger windows, wider aisles, higher ceilings, cleaner and less dehydrating air and a smoother, quieter flight, all of which should help reduce the usual effects of jeg-lag.

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