Heathrow's Airport "Scent Globe" gives passengers a whiff of their next destination

While long haul travel isn’t high on the list of most people’s favourite things to do, nothing quite beats stepping off the plane and inhaling the heady, exotic scent of your new holiday destination, somewhere you’ve never been before…

Smell is one of our most powerful senses, so it’s no surprise that fragrance creates many of the lasting, stand-out memories we bring home from our holidays, from the scent of orange blossom in Andalucia to the unmistakeable spice market aromas of Marrakech.

To celebrate the connection between scent and places, Heathrow Airport have installed a “Scent Globe” to appeal to departing passengers by offering them an olfactory taste of the exotic smells awaiting them at their destinations.

The globe is based in the newly opened Terminal 2 and offers whiffs of Brazil, China, Japan, South Africa and Thailand – and most recently, Scotland (Highland heather, not whisky!)

Normand Boivin, the airport’s chief operating officer, said: “These specially created scents will give passengers traveling through Terminal 2 an exclusive preview of destinations that only Heathrow connects to [from the UK].”

Want to know what these countries smell like? Read on…

South Africa’s fragrance “captures the adventure of safari with notes of tribal incense, wild grass and musk through the scent of Hyraceum.”

Brazil “embraces the scents of its rich rainforest fauna with a palette of coffee, tobacco and jasmine.”

Japan is brought to life “through cool, oceanic tones with a mix of seaweed and shell extracts, green tea and Ambergris, capturing the essence of small coastal villages so synonymous with the great Pacific Island.”

Meanwhile, China’s features “mystical temple incense and subtle Osmanthus Fragrans flower” while Thailand’s was created with “an appetising mix of lemongrass, ginger and coconut.” Try it for yourself next time you’re in Terminal 2!


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