Flying? Now you can choose who to sit next to

Who hasn’t been stuck next to “bore of the year” on a trans-Atlantic flight? It’s a familiar scenario which can be even more annoying if you often fly alone.

Now KLM is taking some of the mystery out of who you might be sharing your armrest with, thanks to a new initiative called “Meet & Seat”. Travellers who like to chat to the person sitting next to them on long haul flight may be pleased to learn that they can select a neighbour with similar interests to themselves.

KLM’s new ‘Meet & Seat’ allows customers to choose who they sit next to when they book, after studying the Facebook or LinkedIn profiles of fellow passengers.

Passengers can opt to keep their profile very private or reveal more information to be made available to other ‘Meet & Seat’ members. The service will be offered on KLM flights from Amsterdam to San Francisco, New York and São Paulo and if it proves popular the Dutch airline will roll it out across other intercontinental destinations.

“With Meet & Seat, KLM takes social networking a step forward,’ said Erik Varwijk, Managing Director, KLM. “This new service connects passengers and aims to give them a more inspirational journey.”

One example of Meet & Seat’s potential advantages will be that passengers flying in for an event or conference might like to travel onwards together by train or taxi, while anyone travelling for business might want to connect with someone in the same industry. But just in case you’re not riveted by your fellow passenger(s), and the social-networking-in-the-clouds don’t work for you, don’t forget the headphones – and that very long book you really have to finish before you land.

KLM recently celebrated over a million fans on Facebook and took to YouTube to say “Thank You” to its fans…
Watch here:

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