Flybe doubles its Gatwick to Cornwall service after UK floods affect rail services

A new year of seemingly endless rain and grey skies has seen utter devastation fall on much of the South West of the UK, not least Cornwall.

With storm after storm battering the UK coastline, villages and homes have been left in tatters, while some rail services have been completely abandoned.

However, there is hope for commuters and timeshare owners travelling from London and the outskirts to Cornwall this week.

Flybe has confirmed it will double its Gatwick to Newquay service later this week to provide an alternative for rail passengers.

Flybe says it will boost its schedule to six flights daily after storm damage destroyed the only rail route into Cornwall.

The Great Western line was severed at Dawlish last week when fierce tides washed away the bed of the track that runs along the shore.

The additional flights – which are priced at £37 each way – will run for two weeks while demand is assessed. Gatwick has confirmed it will waive charges on the additional services.

Paul Simmons, Flybe’s chief commercial officer, said:

“Flybe fully appreciates the enormous economic cost to the region of losing its rail services, an untenable situation that looks likely to impact the region severely for at least six weeks and possibly even longer.

“We also commit to maintaining our normal pricing mechanism. We have no wish to take advantage of this very difficult situation by inflating fares and can assure our customers that our fares policy will be managed in exactly the same way as always.”

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