EasyJet to test-drive reserved seating

Starting next spring, EasyJet will be trialling a new seat reservation option on certain flights, where passengers can pre-book their seats and avoid the “open seating” system.

Currently, EasyJet does offer speedy boarding and priority boarding for families with young children or those who may have mobility problems.

The price of booking a seat, and the actual routes the service will be available on, have not yet been announced, but EasyJet says prices will stay “true to easyJet’s commitment to low fares.”

Carolyn McCall, EasyJet chief executive, said: “This is another example of easyJet trying to do all it can to make travel easy and affordable for our passengers. We look forward to seeing how our passengers respond and how the trial works. We will roll it out further only if it works operationally, from a revenue perspective and increases passenger satisfaction. If it doesn’t, we won’t,” she concluded.

If the new system results in longer boarding times, it won’t be extended, however.

Ryanair moved to offering reserved seating on some of its services earlier this year. Although the open seat policy used by budget carriers reduces aircraft turnaround times, the pre-booked seating hasn’t affected the airline’s super fast 25-minute turnaround longer – the airline has an excellent “on time” record.

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