EasyJet – new routes for Spring/Summer 2015

If the freezing mornings, snow forecasts and damp grey skies are starting to make you dream of day-long sunshine and longer, lighter days, you’re not alone. For a lot of timeshare owners, this is one of the most popular times of year to book that much looked-forward-to summer holiday.

Perhaps you’re toying between more than two or three different resorts, and the price of the flight will be the clincher?

Budget airliner Easyjet has just announced a long list of new flight routes, so you can snap up seats to locations thanks to new services including Gatwick to Corsica, Luton to Bodrum and Luton to Marrakech’s Atlantic “neighbour” the charming beach town of Essaouira, Morocco.

Here all all of Easyjet’s newest routes, just released for spring/summer 2015.  Bring on spring!

New from London

London Gatwick to Figari (Corsica) starts flying on 14 June

London Gatwick to Brindisi starts flying on 01 April 2015

London Gatwick to Stuttgart starts flying on 29 March 2015

London Luton to Essaouira, Morocco starts flying on 01 May 2015

London Luton to Porto starts flying on 26 April 2015

London Luton to Antalya starts flying on 25 April 2015

London Luton to Bodrum starts flying on 17 May 2015

London Luton to Split starts flying on 16 May 2015

London Southend to Menorca starts flying on 26 June 2015

New from Belfast

Belfast Int to Split starts flying on 20 May 2015

New from Bristol 

Bristol to Lanzarote starts flying on 18 April 2015

Bristol to Catania starts flying on 14 May 2015

Bristol to Gibraltar starts flying on 19 April 2015

Bristol to Porto starts flying on 19 April 2015

Bristol to Zakynthos starts flying on 13 May 2015

Bristol to Isle of Man starts flying on 01 April 2015

Bristol to Bilbao starts flying on 01 April 2015

New from Scotland

Glasgow to Bordeaux starts flying on 29 June 2015

New from Manchester 

Manchester to Porto starts flying on  16 June 2015

Manchester to Marseille starts flying on 17 June 2015

Manchester to Pisa starts flying on  17 June 2015

Manchester to Split starts flying on 17 June 2015

Manchester to Kefalonia starts flying on 16 June 2015

New from Newcastle 

Newcastle to Split starts flying on 02 June 2015

Newcastle to Corfu starts flying on 07 June 2015

Newcastle to Rhodes starts flying on 04 June 2015


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