EasyJet announces this year’s new Fear of Flying courses: UK dates and venues for 2016

Fear of flying – called aerophobia – can be anything from a slight nuisance to a real problem. EasyJet has just announced its new year two-day course dates which will take place throughout the UK including Belfast, Bristol, Gatwick, Glasgow, Manchester and Newcastle, and are suitable for anyone with a fear of flying – whether they experience general anxiety or an extreme phobia. 

Around 1,000 fearful flyers are expected to sign up between the end of February and the middle of June 2016.

The two day course includes:

Day one

During the first day all participants are taught a variety of proven mind techniques from top phobia expert Lawrence Leyton. Attendees will also learn about the sounds and sensations experienced when flying on an aircraft from a senior easyJet Captain who also dispels common flying myths.

Day two

Day two –  participants take a one hour dedicated easyJet experience flight where they put their new skills to the test whilst listening to a live commentary of the flight from the Fearless Flyer team. 

EasyJet’s courses are well known for having helped many feel more comfortable in the air and it is one of the best priced aerophobia courses in the UK at just £189 per person. Participants can also invite a companion to join them on the flight if they wish for just £69. Spaces on all of the courses can be booked in advance online at www.fearlessflyer.easyjet.com. 

Peter Duffy, easyJet’s Group Commercial Director, explains:

“We’re really pleased to be announcing a new set of Fearless Flyer course dates for the beginning of 2016. It is a particularly great opportunity for those planning their new year resolutions to sign up and conquer their fears.

“We’ve already helped thousands of people to overcome their fear of flying and we’re looking forward to helping even more next year.”

According to EasyJet, more than 95% of people who take part in the course successfully take to the skies fearlessly and the airline receivse emails from many of our past participants who have since travelled the world. Mark Wein, Director of the Fearless Flying courses, says it’s a life changing course and the most common thing that EasyJet  hears from its fearless flyers is that they only wish they had taken the course sooner

easyJet’s Spring 2016 Fearless Flyer courses are taking place on the following dates:

Fearless Flyer course at:

Experience Flight

London Luton     

Saturday 27 February

Sunday 28 February


Saturday 5 March 

Sunday 6 March

London Gatwick

Saturday 2 April

Sunday 3 April 


Saturday 9 April 

Sunday 10 April 


Friday 15 April 

Saturday 16 April 


Saturday 23 April 

Sunday 24 April 


Friday 29 April 

Saturday 30 April 

London Stansted

Saturday 14 May

Sunday 15 May 


Friday 17 June

Saturday 18 June

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