BA Suspends Flights To West Africa Because Of Ebola Outbreak

British Airways is the latest airline to suspend flights to Ebola-affected regions.

And it looks like more airlines may follow suit. BA has stopped all flights to Sierra Leona and Libera due to the “deteriorating public health situation” to protects its passengers as well as in-flight crew.

Currently, flights are suspended until August 31, cutting off the only direct links between Britain and the region affected by the deadly virus.

Sierra Leona, Liberia and Guinea are at the center of the largest Ebola outbreak in history, which has claimed the lives of around 950 people and cases are now being recorded in neighbouring Nigeria.

Emirates was the first big international airline to stop flights to Guinea.

A spokesman said: “The safety of our passengers and crew is of the highest priority and will not be compromised.”

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) said this week there is little risk to people travelling to the affected areas and has issued industry guidance on detecting and coping with potentially infected passengers.

In an effort to halt the virus in its tracks, The World Bank and World Health Organization are among many organizations pledging funds to keep the Ebola outbreak at bay.

Timeshare owners heading to South Africa need not be concerned as there are no outbreaks in the region and there are no travel warnings about travelling to the area.

If you are concerned about the virus, there are regular updates at


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