British Airways Splashes Out on iPads for Pilots

Britain’s biggest airline is splashing out on iPads for each of its 3,600 pilots in a bid to boost services for passengers.

British Airways announced the plans as part of a £5 billion revamp, which it believes will improve both customer service standards and operational efficiency.
It is hoped that the initiative will give pilots access to real-time data, meaning that flights can be planned more effectively.

The move will also allow passengers to be kept up-to-date with the most recent travel news, as well as giving them the opportunity to have a say in BA’s service.
The company said that they had already provided cabin crew and operations teams with iPads as part of the scheme.

Captain Stephen Riley, director of flight operations for BA, said: “As pilots, we want to deliver a safe and memorable experience for each and every British Airways customer, on every single flight.

“The iPads will help us to achieve this goal by giving us the means to provide a more personalised service and share more timely flight information.”
BA’s ‘World On Sale’ is now on at

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