BA gives Will and Kate £200 in vouchers as apology for in-flight movie failure

After their highly successful trip to Canada and the US recently, the Duke and Duchess settled into their first class seats on the British airways flight home from LA…and soon discovered the in-flight entertainment system wasn’t working.

They, along with everyone else in the cabin, were unable to watch the movies – The Fighter, The Tourist or Gnomeo and Juliet – on the way home after the system broke down, so as an apology BA have offered them vouchers worth £200 towards future flights.

They originally flew out to Canada and California on a Canadian military plane but returned to London on a scheduled BA flight to save costs (paying a reported £3,600 per seat).

The royal couple and eight members of their party were offered the compensation but one source told The Daily Mirror “The whole of first class, including the Duke and Duchess seemed a bit peeved but they were placated by BA’s offer. Still, 10 hours without in-flight entertainment is a little tough going."

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