BA launches new low cost "day tripper" flights

Need to jet away?

Fancy a special day away in a foreign city or using your timeshare points for a weekend getaway? We do!

Find your camera, download some new travel apps, and grab your passport… because British Airways is now offering ‘day trippers’ – low cost flights around Europe on Saturdays and Sundays.

Tickets at day return fare prices are available to travel to 6 destinations for weekends away without breaking the bank.

So now you can indulge yourself for a weekend with a city break in our favourite cities. Climb up to the Edinburgh castle; perhaps go skiing for a day in the Alps… or enjoy a pizza and glass of wine as you watch the world pass by in the shade of the Colosseum?

British Airways is offering these affordable flights to six exciting and easy to reach destinations: Dublin, Edinburgh, Geneva, Vienna, Munich and Rome.

Jump on the band wagon and book yours today.

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