American Airlines to end laptop ban during take-off and landing

American Airlines is set to lift an ‘outdated’ ban on passengers using laptops during take-off and landing.

The Federal Aviation Authority in the US is expected to rule that technology, including laptops, tablets and e-readers, can be left switched on during take-off and landing because they are safer than was previously thought.

Updated research has found that the gadgets do not interfere with navigation systems, according to reports in the Daily Mail.

This could lead to a worldwide relaxation of the rules which bans air passengers from using electronic devices before take-off.

However, mobile phones will still have to be kept switched off as they were not part of the report and separate research is needed.

A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority said: “We will look at the FAA study and if we think we need to do more work, we will.

“It’s very important that we are all joined up and if we can learn something in the UK, we will look at what they’ve done.”

The spokesman added that research and anecdotal evidence still showed that electromagnetic interference caused by mobile phones can be a concern on critical manoeuvres like take-off and landing.

The US Federal Aviation Authority will formally unveil its findings in September.

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