5 ways to get an upgrade on your next flight

The beauty of owning timeshare is that you don’t have to fork out for a holiday – you’ve already paid for it in advance, which can also help combat hotel room hikes, too!

In fact the only things you’ll probably be paying for are food, entertainment and the flight while you’re on holiday. If you’ve wondered how those lucky passengers in front of you manage to get upgraded, here are five ways to increase your changes – worth a try, at least.

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The loyal advantage

Airlines tend to reward loyalty, not just in frequent flier points and offers, but with upgrades, too. So if you’re a member of the airline’s loyalty programme, make that known.  Passengers who paid more for their tickets are also more likely to be upgraded than passengers who bought a cheaper one and airlines have confirmed that frequent flier programme status is also a deciding factor.

Choose your route

Most upgrades are offered to fill premium seats – in other words, when economy is full or oversold but there are still spaces left in business class, for example.

So you might have a better chance flying to a popular holiday resort during the school hols when there will be fewer people in business class.  On the other hand, fly to a destination which has heavy business traffic like Milan or Frankfurt early on a Monday and you’re chances of an upgrade will be a lot slimmer.

Fly alone

Freedom aside, there are other perks to travelling solo – and upgrades are one of them! If there’s just one seat available up front, chances are a single traveller or a couple happy to be split up will be the ones to get it.

Don’t ask, don’t get – and vice versa!

When MoneySavingExpert.com polled readers recently, 4% said they’d got a free upgrade by just asking for one at the check-in desk. However this doesn’t apply across the board.  Virgin Atlantic say they don’t give upgrades to anyone just because they ask for one.

Airlines are more likely to give you an upgrade in exceptional circumstances – if you are very tall, if you’re on honeymoon (and have proof!), or perhaps celebrating a milestone anniversary like 30 years of marriage. But again, there’s no sure-fire way of guaranteeing you will get a seat closer to the pilot!

Look the part

Passengers who pay for business class tickets do so because they want the peace, quiet and privacy – perhaps they have a lot of work to do while they’re in the air. If you’re polite and smartly dressed, you’re chances of an upgrade will be higher.

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