RDO is the pan-European trade association representing the timeshare and fractional industry as well as all other vacation ownership concepts such as private residence clubs, condo hotels and destination clubs [more]

Useful information about RDO and how it protects consumers

RDO and it Members

RDO (Resort Development Organisation) is the pan-European trade body for timeshare and fractional ownership.

It was originally called OTE (Organisation for Timeshare in Europe) and was created in 1998 at time when there was no single trade body acting for the industry around Europe. Its role was to represent reputable companies within the industry, promote ethical practices and foster business development and growth.

RDO today has offices in the UK and Spain, and is also represented in Hungary, Malta, Finland (for Scandinavia) and Germany (for the German speaking regions).

Its members, which include resort developers, exchange companies, management and marketing companies, trustees, finance suppliers and resale companies, provide high quality holiday accommodation in European holiday hotspots such as the Canary Islands, the Algarve, the Costa del Sol and the Highlands of Scotland. A number of members also have resorts in other areas around the world such as Florida and Thailand.

Looking after the consumer

As part of a commitment to safeguard the holiday experience, RDO works closely with enforcement bodies around Europe, encouraging the authorities to take action against any unethical practices by companies not in membership of the organisation.

All RDO members are required to sign to a Code of Conduct, providing timeshare buyers with levels of protection over and above those required by law and lead the industry in a commitment to strong ethical standards and the delivery of high levels of service to customers.

Today, buying timeshare and fractional ownership couldn’t be safer. A new European directive was introduced in February 2011 and this provides customers with a 14 day cooling off period wherever they buy in the European Union and, with a ban on upfront fees, a deposit will not be taken during the sale. Contracts and all other supporting documentation will be provided in the language of the choice of the buyer (as long as this is an official language of the EU).

These requirements, coupled with the RDO code of conduct, gives buyers exceptionally high levels of protection and peace of mind. So when buying or selling timeshare, always look out for the RDO logo, the kite mark of excellence!

Should, however any problems arise during the buying process, RDO offers a free of charge complaint handling service to customers of its members and a mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme should this be unsuccessful. The vast majority of complaints are resolved without the need to take up this service.